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Explorations in Emergence


To the extent we are genetically pre-determined we are enriched with latent potential. It seems that in the human social system our ability to contribute is limited only by our level of self-knowledge (potential awareness).

The uncovering of this potential is life’s work and maybe some of us uncover more of our potential than others. To me, the models that refer to dynamic unfolding human world views are in another way levels of self-revelatory awareness.

Does this mean all of us have the same potential? No. If we accept genetics theory this would not make sense. However it does seem that as we seek self knowledge – self transcendence follows and is contextual.  What is my level of consciousness now ? How do I become aware and seek growth  – the underlying human energy source.

All life is energy.

Self transcendence then is a perpetual motion machine, an energy creator, as aspects of ourselves reveal themselves in smaller and larger ways. This is emergence – in the moment of new awareness we don’t yet fully appreciate the new knowledge but we have the equivalent of an “ah ha” moment. This is a moment of joy, affirmation of our journey and a milestone that may cause a pause in self-congratulation. These moments may last years!!!

So the work of potential is finding our personally emergent path. The pathless path. As we enter the emergent path new limitations we have placed on ourselves sneak up on us while we are busy engaging the emergence.

For most of us the conversation about potential exists within a domain of youth, work, career and other components of life. The real domain of potential for all of us is humanity. How do we become more human? How do we become more complete in our humanity? Realising our connection with others, our relatedness.

The way forward, the emergent path to our humanness is through love. All of us have this potential all the time.


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