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Appreciative Inquiry

“… a fundamental pre-condition for organisation change work ….is to shift the flow of “issue framing dialogues” in the direction of health rather than pathology in order to shift the flow of dialogue from analysis of malfunction to a holistic understanding of moments of optimal performance.”

Jane Watkins and Bernard Mohr ; Appreciative Inquiry – Change at the speed of Imagination p33

I don’t believe in performance management– It is a very bad idea.  Performance language in the context of traditional design assumes gap measurement, lends itself to deficit analysis, benchmarking, blame of individuals and groups, a strong desire for command and control with a subconscious meme of the machine. The background conversation is steadfast and “performance management” plays the requiem for the future.

I believe in growth. The conditions for growth – love, awareness and learning underpin our humanity and help us to become more human. Growth assumes potential, we can grow, we have a responsibility for it and that when we do we are better off. It is a conversation about the future – how we might grow, what if we grow this way etc., it avoids anchoring in the past with a meme of the self organising system. The background conversation is created anew, built on and transformed by the future.

What ever assumptions we make about the nature of reality, the choice will lead us to a certain focus in our conversations and those conversations will lead to certain images being dominant in our minds which in turn lead to actions at both the conscious and unconscious level.

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